“In God we trust, everyone else bring data”-Mike Bloomberg

Metrics, reports, data, statistics: management is asking for them, not all teams are happy or interested in them, and the people who gather them spent an awful big amount of producing them and sometimes feels like a waste of time. So my question is, why bother? Why go in all the trouble? The answer is simple: because having the right data, you can improve and make better decisions.

People are very defensive and afraid when it comes to the metrics. We have been trained our whole lives into thinking that a…

Dedicated to my teams with great respect for what you do…

Today I had the unique opportunity to deploy to production! First of all, I want to thank my team for the honor they gave me to be the one who deploys to Production. Already feeling like I am taking an Oscar and saying my speech thanking the academy…Anyways… I know that for all of the engineers out there deploying to Production environment — especially if you have the CI/CD pipelines in place- this is not something exciting, but for me the whole experience was incredible.

When my teammates announced…

Recently, I had the chance to review and re-read the Agile Manifesto and came to realize how relatable the Agile Manifesto is to our Solar System. The more I was thinking about it, the more I realized that we can actually compare our Solar System with the Agile Manifesto.
Let’s break it down by remembering the Principles of Agile Manifesto and the components of our Solar System and together create the “ Agile Solar System”

The Sun

Much like our Solar System, Agile has a center, has something that all our actions, thought process, principles and tools revolves around it.

The last years, we notice an increasing need to reach the end user/costumer much faster than ever before. With the industry giants deploying to Production new changes in less than a min, they set high standards for other companies producing software. Agile frameworks can actually help the organization gradually reach this goal and make this happen, if implemented correctly.

Doing Agile is fundamentally different from being Agile.

A common mistake we see in the organizations is that the first thing that they do is focus on the toolset. It is very easy to set up the tools and practices. The…

Since the first quarter of this year, working from home became our new reality. Some find working from the comfort of their homes or from a lovely beach, very productive, while others feel they are working more without being necessarily more efficient. Some feel that having the chance to work from anywhere and anytime gives them the freedom to better manage their time, when for some, it is a struggle to battle between work and free/family time. No matter in which group you or your teams are, there is one undeniable thing, remote work is here to stay. For that…

Ioanna Papakanderaki

An experienced project/program manger/Scrum Master working on enterprise projects.

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